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  • Day 1 April 3, 2014

    There have been rumors floating around the kingdom that a new land has been discovered. It is a land of mystery and riches. It is rumored that there are mines of precious minerals and forests as old as the gods themselves. Elgria is staking its claim on …

  • Igthun Shane

    Igthun is a guide. He has worked for the Elgrian empire for a very long time. He is a grizzled man with combat experience. He excels in leadership, and is the current guide for the expedition to this new world. He is closest with Shea, his right-hand. He …

  • Bartlebus George Harrison Quagridge the Fourt

    Kinneth, the monk, befriended Bartlebus as the caravan traveled to the New World. Kinneth learned that Bartlebus's family owned a wealthy mining company (amongst other operations). Bartlebus was traveling to The New World to assess the financial situation …

  • Bob Swalabanger

    Bob Swalabanger was one of the skilled craftsman making the trip from Elgria to the New Land. He is a carpenter. He survived being captured by the "scalefaces" and made it to Varyan's Falls.

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