The Prospectors' Parable - A Story of the Empire's Outcasts

Day 1 April 3, 2014 (in process)

There have been rumors floating around the kingdom that a new land has been discovered. It is a land of mystery and riches. It is rumored that there are mines of precious minerals and forests as old as the gods themselves. Elgria is staking its claim on this new land, sending capable prospectors, warriors, and workers to claim what is rightfully theirs.

The Elgrian Empire has fallen into disarray. Corruption is rampant, Slavery, once shunned by the Empire, has been legal for the past twenty years or so, and the gap between the rich and the poor is tremendous. The empire itself has expanded too far, attempting to bring rogue nations under its thumb for resources and power. There are random rebellions all over the kingdom as some nations attempt to achieve sovereignty. You were accidentally caught up in this rebellion, at the wrong place at the wrong time. You were captured and given a choice, 10 years in prison, or five years of servitude to the crown. You chose servitude, in hopes to gain some riches and freedom.

You were assigned a detail. You and a few other warriors are escorting a caravan of supplies, an ambassador, and a representative of a large mining company to the first stronghold of the “New World”. The problem is that it is very far away, and the only easy sea travel has been dominated by a rival kingdom. You have been forced to cross a desert, aptly named The Endless Sands. You have been traveling for weeks without sign of civilization. Over the course of the trip, it is clear that you all stand out a little more than the other guards.

Our group found themselves escorting this caravan for weeks, lead by a leathery skinned dwarf named Igthun Shane, and his companion, an elven woman called Shea. Our group got friendly with various characters along the way; Shorty Mama, a fighter with a a sharp tongue but low wit, Bartlebus George Harrison Quagmire the Fourth, Dualla Petrie,

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