Thenwin Goldshire

This unassuming halfling has brown curly hair. He speaks with a soft voice,


Not much is known about Thenwin’s backstory so far. He was introduced as Ellari Stormheart’s town clerk, but soon revealed himself to be much more under a Zone of Truth spell cast by Donnie Bling. Thenwin is a double agent. He spies on Varyan’s Rest for The Saiharian Triumvirate, the opposing imperial power. They have landed on a different part of this land, and Thenwin was sent to keep an eye on the fledgling Elgrian colonies.

He has also been in contact with a mysterious race, whom he calls The People of the Black Stone. He doesn’t know much about them, other than they appear everywhere, seeming to have eyes all over the land. There is an uneasy truce between The People of the Black Stone and the Saiharian Triumvirate, but Thenwin has revealed that he does not trust them.

The Prospecting Heroes have forged an alliance with Thenwin.

Thenwin Goldshire

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